Influencers are the new age brand advocates. They control the influence of vital products in their community.

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Influencer Marketing

Under Influencer Marketing, we help businesses grow in the native community with our partner influencers and media buying.

Solutions for businesses big and small.


Organic Traffic Increase

Insights to improve your small or medium-sized business-for free.

Public Outreach Increase

Improve your business visibility by reaching out to more number of people.

Brand Value Increase

Your company's brand increases manyfold with increased media presence.

Customer Acquisition Cost Decreases

Mouth of word has a great outreach which decreases Acq. Cost.

At 99Plays, we adopt a media agnostic approach to funnel our clients' budgets towards the most effective media channels and maximize their return on investment.

Our expert team strategizes, negotiates and purchases ad placements while considering the product that is to be advertised, the target customers, and the campaign goals.

Our Influencer Marketing and Media Buying Core Services Include:

Media Inventory

Our media inventory for your latest product offerings increase you point-of-sale proposition.

Partner Network

Our digital growth-hackers community ensures outreach to right audience for your business.

Growth Analysis

We work with our clients to identify their target audience, develop a multi-media approach for reaching this audience, and cost effectively, and efficiently, execute the media plan.

Case Studies Coming Soon

99Plays brings to you one of its first kind case study on Influencer Marketing.

“99Plays have been fantastic to work with. They are very responsive, highly professional and enthusiastic. They took the time to understand our business and tailor made a solution to serve us best. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone seeking an online marketing agency.”

Sharda Sinha, Management Head

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