A direct marketing communication channel, email marketing can be easily targeted, automated, and measured.

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Why to play with 99Plays Email Marketing Service?

, 99Plays can help you define, develop, execute, and expand a communication strategy that is bound to deliver results for your enterprise.


For the most effective Email Mass Campaign, a well researched strategy has to be put in place before the outcomes should begin to detrmine the growth chart.

Database Management

Maintaining a database of email and other essential contacts only helps in targeting the potential customers in a more strategic manner.

Email Design

An interactive email design is as much important for a successful email campaign as the very idea of launching a campaign. Design seduces target customers.

Email Retargeting

Just playing to the basic rules of a campaign doesn't ensure conversions, it's the essence of retargeting that does.

Campaign Tracking

Every byte of data you track about your email campaign only ensures a better ROI in the long run success of many such campaigns.

Analysis and Reporting

Proper analysis and report of email campaigns is a must to better administer its different metrics.